The Do’s and Don’ts of Meeting a VIP Escort

So you’ve made your first appointment with a VIP escort and you’re confused about what to expect, what is right to say or do. Here are some important tips to help you with what to do and say. There are do’s and don’ts to prevent being mistaken and also ruining this once in a lifetime experience.

The DO’s:

Before Booking read about her available online content thoroughly, because an honest and sincere escort wants to be found with the specific details on how she prefers to be contacted, what are her preferences. Also, be mindful of things like: preferred contact method, time of the day to contact, and pieces of information to be included in your first contact.

Be serious to book before making first contact with an escort. If you have a question that you cannot find on her website, then ask her POLITELY, and respectfully without vulgarity.
Be punctual. Arriving 5-7 minutes early is good.

Wait for the day patiently. If you haven’t deposited a payment, then pay it immediately. If something important comes up on your way and you need to cancel then give a much advance notice.
On the Day of Your Special Date, text or email her to confirm that you are still looking forward to meeting.
After the session, you should confirm about your opinion about the shared time before leaving or later that same day. Communicating affirmations is necessary to establishing a good relationship.

The DON’Ts:
When you don’t show your very basic contact etiquette, then an elite escort will least likely take you seriously. Paying attention to an escort’s particular booking preferences is a good way to show your sincerity and respect to her.
Don’t be that guy who can be vulgar with any woman whom he has never met before. Such person, an escort presumes, has no personal knowledge or permission to book her.
Don’t attempt to negotiate the price, and also don’t leave out important information she needs for screening. Don’t send vulgar content or pics. And don’t ask silly questions that can easily be found online.
Don’t cancel your booking if you can’t help it. In the event You forfeit your deposit as a result of your cancelling then don’t complain. A majority of people who cancel on providers at the last minute are not actual clients.
Don’t constantly communicate or repeatedly tell a provider that you enjoyed your shared time because that will be seen as blatant attention-seeking behavior.

However, one should know the top three things escorts complain about clients mainly for Lying, Discussing services, fetishes or special requests before meeting, using vulgarity or explicit references and sending text/email for anything other than a booking request.

Remember there are no second chances for clients who manipulate, lie or mislead. The booking process is tenuous. Therefore, if trust is eroded it can breakdown permanently.

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