The 7 Rules of Etiquette while Dating an Elite Escort

So you are you feeling lonely, just a tad bit bored, or simply want a refreshing change in your uneventful life?
There could be countless reason why you would consider choosing an elite escort. It could be highly likely that you have been yearning for an exciting dinner date and looking for a professional model escort who is going to give you that thrill.
So let’s assume you finally found your dream date and now gearing up for the coming evening. So what’s next?
Well, there are some rules of etiquette you need to keep in mind.

She doesn’t like her date to come Unkempt
She has a class and she maintains it. You must respect her grandeur. Make sure you do not arrive unkempt. You need to realize that it would be a real dinner date with a real beautiful girl. For the most part, You are not supposed to show up on a date wearing worn-out clothes, unwashed hair and uncut fingernails. She would really appreciate seeing you well dressed. If you dress to impress, she’ll definitely want to reciprocate.

Do’t be Laconic
One of the things that can spoil a date with an elite escort is a lack of conversation. Do not make her drag words out of your mouth. She is there to “be” with you. She will love to hear you out. You do not need to be an elocutionist. All she wants is to make your date wonderful. She will appreciate hearing you speak your heart out.

Don’t Get Too Personal
While you must have end number of things to talk about when you are with an elite escort, you need to make sure you don’t ask any questions that are too personal in nature. Quite likely she is not interested in discussing the inside out of her personal life. The discreet nature of her work is also one of the reasons why she would prefer not to speak must about her personal life. A conversation sticking to her hobbies, interests and future aspirations etc. are good to begin the conversation.

Be Honest about your Expectation from her
You must keep in mind that she has opted to be with you to make a few moments of your life special. This however does not mean she is capable of reading your mind. It is OK to be upfront and honest about your intentions. Please don’t spring things on her in the middle of the date or keep changing your demands. Not every dinner date ends with
sex with a client. If this is something on your mind, you need to make it explicitly clear from the very beginning.

Don’t Drink to Get Drunk
If you really intend to get drunk along with her; you got to tell her beforehand. Quite possible she does not drink to that extent. Forcing her to drink more is a strict no. Not every escort wants to drink with you. If you really want to get drunk, it’s recommended to find someone who’s on the same page.

No Negotiation of the Agreed Fee
When hiring a VIP escort, it’s customary to keep the payment ready. You must keep the exact amount, which you agreed upon. Also, don’t expect the escort to provide you with change. Having the correct amount ready is your responsibility. To make things less awkward, you should offer to let her count the money, so she doesn’t need to ask.

She Deserves your Respect
This the golden rule of hiring an elite escort. It is your responsibility to treat her with dignity and respect. A few mistakes in the etiquette is acceptable, as long as you’re respectful at all times. You must keep in mind that being an escort is her profession. She deserves to be respected and treated well.

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