Some Client Etiquette to follow when Booking an Upscale VIP Escort in Dubai

So you have decided to hire an upscale VIP Escorts in Dubai and are a bit worried about client etiquette? Don’t worry, just read through this post. Whether experienced or not, there’s always a room to improve. You are going to meet a hot blonde who has a strong and assertive personality and Like all social interactions in your day to day life there are certain set of etiquette you must adhere to for a smooth and pleasurable time. A high class Dubai escort will definitely not tutor you on behaving in a certain way, but that said, you must keep in mind that her primary criteria to select you for a romantic dinner date or as a travel companion is no the money but “you being a gentleman”. Your personality leaves a great impression. You will be surprised to see how by how much more obliged your companion can be when you are being a gentleman.

1. Respect Her Screening Procedure
You just have to understand the ins and outs of this business. I always choose my clients through different phases of communication. I prefer to first communicate with them via e-mail. When things move in positive direction, we speak over phone or I ask the client to tell me briefly about their age, nationality and intentions with me. Almost all my clients want to remain discreet and so do I. Anonymity is of utmost priority for both me as well as my clients. Under no circumstances our social mobility and social relationships should be jeopardized.
Therefore if you have never met an elite escort in Dubai before, you must know that her working style is completely different than most of the escorts. I make sure you are trustworthy enough to entertain and spend time with. And the trust works both ways. Being an elite Dubai escort, I take screening very seriously.

2. You shall never negotiate!

The published fees is final and non-negotiable. If you try to negotiate then not only is this very offensive but you will end up losing a premium elite escort. Bargaining is a strict no no for a VIP escort in Dubai. You must realize that a top escort likes myself gets much better compensation for her time. If you find the considerations mentioned on the website out of your league, then I politely request you to look for someone else.

3. Get her Donation Ready

Please do not make her ask for it. Put your donations in a place where your escort can find it within 10 minutes of the meeting. The donation that you pay to her is an affirmation for her to stay. Money must not be discussed during or after the meeting. Offering her donations at the beginning of the meeting also means you can concentrate on having a more pleasurable time with your high class Dubai escort.

4. Do not force her to try the things she doesn’t enjoy

Just because you have paid her for the time does not entitle you to do whatever you wish to do with her. Anything kinky must be discussed before meeting her. Take her affirmation on doing the things you want to do. This involves any physical, emotional or ethical transgressions. It is a simple matter of common sense and respecting your elite escort. She deserve every bit of your respect. The best would be that you let her take the lead. She is definitely going to make your day the most memorable one.

5. No Drugs, No Drunken Driving, No illegal Stuffs
As an elite escort, my job is to entertain you. I must not be held responsible for your own actions, illegal or not. You must never make your escort complicit or act in an illegal adventure.

6. Don’t ask for her Personal Details
She has a personal life,which she does not want to be compromised. So please do not ask for her personal details. You can further communicate with her on her private email or via her social media accounts where she communicates with her existing or potential clients. But never ask for her phone numbers or the address where she stays. Insisting on taking her employment details, passport and personal contact information are strictly forbidden.

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