Burj Al Arab Hotel

Dubai is an extraordinary destination for literally everything – adventurous, grandiose luxury, breathtakingly wonderful home of tallest, longest and largest hotels and architectures that altogether give its visitors the feelings of excessiveness and Burj Al Arab Hotel is one of them.


The distinctive sail-contoured 7-Star luxury hotel built off the coast on an artificial island standing apart from the neighboring development is the most wonderful creation in the world. The hotel was inaugurated in 1999 and declared to be the world’s fourth tallest and first seven-star hotel With 1,053 ft stature.

Personalized butler service, 202 luxurious duplex suites, a warm messenger of supreme hospitality, Eight outstanding restaurants and bars, Four swimming pools and a private beach, Assawan Spa & Healthclub, grand Rolls Royce, Mercedes and helicopter airport transfer service, and complimentary access to Wild Wadi Waterpark make your stay a completely magnificent experience. This hotel is all about spectacular grandeur with rare honeycomb-style grid, extraordinary design and architecture, ostentatious luxury, and extravagant services — you receive ultimate luxury for what you pay $1,500 per night stay.


How much would you love to have in your bathroom?

You would get more what expect for in Burj…
The taste, aesthetic décor, color and luxury are more tend toward the taste of Eastern tourists with its proclivity for gold-dripped everything.


Bedrooms Decorations:

Bedrooms are more than you ever expect.
Every bedroom is a distinctive kingdom decorated with big royal bed, extravagant furniture, a private elevator and cinema, separate lounge and library, gigantic bathroom with spa bath and various luxurious body products. The presidential suite, besides all the facilities, has an extra private bar, a wonderful study area, separate dining area, and kitchen and reception lounge.




Hotel Interiors:

The interior design is stunning with beautiful carpet, luxury sofa and the vibrant colorful lighting, 2000 square meter foil of gold, exclusive marble and stones, multiple fountains, grand staircases, about 230 forty meter concrete piles to build a strong foundation. The interior, designed by Khuan Chew, is voluminous, spacious, commodious and expensive decorated with gold that glitters.

afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea at the Burj al Arab

Having a splendid afternoon tea sitting at the top floor of Burj Al Arab, Skyview Bar and enjoying the unrivalled views of the Palm Jumeirah and the World islands is incomparable experience. It is significant here to know that the afternoon tea doesn’t mean or end with just a tea or coffee but a seven-course set menu that includes sandwiches, sparkling Middle East date juice, home-based jams, delightful Devonshire clotted cream, champagne, delicious pastries and cakes. There are three restaurants you can choose from, and they have diverse style of food presented in different ambient.

When I consider the mouth-watering food items with afternoon tea and the breathtakingly beautiful views you get from the Burj al Arab, it seems to be better and far fancier than having afternoon tea at the top-class hotels anywhere in the world.


Presentation and decoration of these delicious desserts seems to be very expensive and again luxurious. It makes everything so special and delightful

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